These are the projects that I am working on:

Nubia Gamebooks

Nubia Gamebooks is the primary project I am working on at the moment, both on and off stream. Follow me on Twitch to be notified when I go live. Take a look at the Nubia Gamebooks Overview post to learn more about the technologies used.

Vamp Notebooks

Vamp Notebook is an online web app to help create characters for the table top role playing game, Vampire The Masquerade: 20th Edition. (Work in progress)

This application is written is in Typescript using Angular with Material. This application uses a serverless backend, using Hasura Cloud for the GraphQL API and its Postgres DB for data store. Authentication is done using Firebase’s Authentication service. This app is hosted on an AWS S3 bucket.

Phasma no Evidence

Phasma No-Evidence is an online web app to help with no-evidence run of the video game Phasmophobia.

This application is written in Typescript using Angular with Bootstrap. There is no backend since all of the questions are on the frontend application itself. This is a Progressive Web Application that will work offline and can be downloaded on mobile. This app is hosted on GitHub pages.